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Every morning, the moment I wake up, I have a special healthy routine:

  • some exercise – 10 minutes of body stretching and deep breathing
  • 2 glasses of warm water (500ml)
  • 1 squeezed lemon in 1/2 glass of water + 1 spoon of honey

Why this habit is so special?

Exercises and breathing are good for getting the body working and feeling refreshed after just waking up.

Water is essential to hydrate your cells, to enhance blood circulation and to ease elimination of food waste. You kick start your metabolism and you are actually detoxifiying and helping the body deal with excess weight at the same time. Warm water is much better for the organism as it doesn’t stress the organs due to its temperature.

Lemon has the best ingredients for a good start of the day:

  • vitamin C
  • it’s an antioxidant
  • it aids digestion
  • it lowers your blood pressure
  • it’s good for your skin
  • it prevents stones in your kidneys

Honey, on the other hand, is a good way to get some early healthy calories and boost your immune system. It is also important because it aids your digestion and helps cleanse your colon from excess food.

If you have a sensitive stomach though, I would highly recommend consultiong your physician before taking this daily remedy 🙂


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