A simple introduction, just in case you need a motivation to visite my site 🙂

You’ve lost your mojo, that special inner spark of life and can’t seem to get it back? Welcome to the club!

No matter if you feel stressed, depressed or obsessed, you ain’t the only one.

Organizing a life worth living can be the biggest challenge of all, especially when you don’t have enough money for a personal shrink…

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Every single human being I know is constanly looking for the ultimate answer to what’s wrong with their life and why it is the way it is. Why love isn’t coming, or you keep breaking up and eventually you will spend your entire life in solitude, surrounded by cats. Or why your job is so fuckin’ boring and your boss acts like a morron, by always picking on you for no clear reason…Or why any fact or world event seems like a conspiracy theory and life gets so much like you are part of “The Matrix” movie…

Sorry guys, I don’t have THE ULTIMATE SOLUTION to solve ANY LIFE QUESTION, but I’ll try to help you find that missing mojo of yours by sharing my experience on the matter, on any matter that is !!! 🙂

I honestly believe you are responsible for the shit that happens to you! If it’s good – great, if it sux, you can fix it 🙂

Whether it’s family, love & relationships, work, hobbies or interests, maybe you could come across the answer right here…And beware: no hating and shaming is allowed!