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I have always been fascinated with the thought of what really happens when a person dies…

Western society has this firm understanding that birth is the beginning of life and death is THE END. A lifetime is all you get. Once you are dead you are completely gone. But is this what really happens?

Albert Einstein stated once: 

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”

So I thought about this statement for a quite some time. If the mind, as the buddhists like to call it, is actually some kind of energy, then it just exists out there, it’s everywhere forever. One moment a tiny part of it enters the physical realm, in the form of a certain human being and the energy starts to drive the selected body and its organs to do what they do, to function and develop.And one day this same energy leaves the dead body and returns to the whole.

Buddhists believe that the moment fertilisation happens and a human is beginning his/her formation in the womb, the mind and the 4 forces of nature, air, fire, water and earth unite in this order, to create a single person with a unique soul. When a human starts the dying process they dissolve in reverse order, until the mind leaves the body last.

If we take this approach to life, the mind is the energy, the driving force of any body. And when the body dies, because all physical things get old and die, then that leaves the mind free to roam the universe again or the so called “emptiness”.

As a Jedi or a true Star Wars fan would say: “May the force be with you!” :)) Coz it’s in you and out there around you, at the same time…

Returning back to the main topic, it’s been proven that children are more susceptible to death and getting in touch with spirits. Children are open minded to subjects that humans don’t understand. By subjects I mean the questions related to the spiritual world we know nothing about.

When my great grandma was heading towards death I was 6. She was 93 years old and already sick for a while and the future was not looking bright for her. That was the time I had my first encounter with spirits or if you wish “the energy of dying or dead people”.

One night, while everyone was long asleep I saw her standing next to the bed. And she was not so physical, as transparent. But it was her.

I freaked out! My mom was sleeping next to me, but I could not move or make a sound, because I was so scared. I almost peed my pants.

I knew that was not a dream, or should I say your regular dream!

My great grandma started talking and telling me that there are things she wants to share with me, but all I could think of was: “Please go away!”. I knew I should’t move and I honestly tried to keep calm and pretend I was asleep, but she would not disappear! She was right there, speaking and moving around.

The next day nobody believed me that she was in the room. My mom thought it was just a dream I had. The day after my great grandma was dead.

To this day I don’t know why my great grandma chose to visit me, but I know I was not dreaming. Or if I was, it was a so called visitation dream where you enter another kind of parallel reality and you connect with other souls, dead or alive, that have the ability to be there with you.

Something I learned later on in life is that dying people are in a process of tranferring their energy (mind) into the spiritual world and they are no longer linked so strongly to their physical body. They can connect with both dead and living relatives and friends before they die. The way to visit spiritually the living people is via dreams, while dead people they see in a semi-awaken state near their death bed.

I’ve had a few dead relatives visit me since my first strange encounter.

Later in life, when my grandmother, named Victoria, died, I developped my psychic skills even further and now when I sleep I’m fully aware if it’s an ordinary dream I’m having or if I’m meeting someone I know 🙂

I learned to remember the conversations I have, to ask questions and to be in control of the environment that’s surrounding me…

Here’s a brief description of what’s happening during such visitation dreams, when I meet my dead relatives:

  • Usually I’m lead somewhere and a door opens, from which the spirit joins me. Some of the times I end up in the house where the person used to live, in order to feel comfortable in a familiar surrounding.
  • I talk with the spirit using telepathy, I don’t move my mouth at all and conversations sound more like a radio transmission. Sometimes I can hear other conversations going on in the distance.
  • Time feels non-existent. I’m like in a vacuum – time is not moving at all, it feels frozen and completely stopped.
  • I feel like i’m dissolved in the air, like I’m one with everything around. I’m not physical in any way, I float around, I don’t feel trapped in a body. I do see through my eyes, but there are more like a window.
  • At first the spirit appears older of age, like during the time of death and with time gets younger, more transparent and bright, like light is flowing from him/her. The spirit is always friendly, they don’t want to hurt you. If they have passed recently they could ask you to accept their death and let them go in peace.
  • The spirit always meets me at familiar places and he/she tells me things, personal stories, that are supposed to help in a way. Sometimes they could show you who will die next (this has already happened to me a few times)
  • I’m not allowed to talk or ask the spirit about what happens after death.

Such visitation dreams are very vivid. Afterwards, when you wake up you have this strong emotional feeling you met the person for real. You feel happy and loved from the encounter. You feel at peace. You always remember the conversation and the circumstances of the meeting, sometimes for a long time. A meeting like that is usually aimed to give you information or a message from the person, that could be important. The knowledge I’ve gotten from my relatives has always served a purpose in my life. They have become guides I can turn to when I need answers. They do warn me about certain problems or they send messages through me.

You will know when you experience a visitation dream for sure, ‘coz it’s much different than any other dream you normally have. Such dreams actually transform you and your deepest existential beliefs, especially if you were never that much of a believer in other possible spiritual existences. 🙂

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not seeing dead people or anything during the day, while awake. I do feel their presence sometimes, but I meet them only in my dreams, in this amazing parallel world we construct together.

To be honest I have always believed in the so called supernatural phenomena that cannot be explained. From a very young age I don’t believe in death as it is explained in medicine and spirits have always been a main topic to discuss when death is brought up. So for me having such visitation dreams was something I wanted, I was open and looked for to experience, because they give me access to answers that no science can explain or confirm.

I started reading books, websites and everything I could find on life, death, reincarnation etc. after my grandmother passed away in 2007.  I was 23 years old and was very traumatized at first, because it was the first death of someone really close to me, whom I loved and had grown up with. It was very surreal due to the fact that I saw her death in details 1 week prior to the event…I was dreaming again, only this time I was seeing the future and something I could not prevent. I woke up terrified and shaken – it was extremely real, so real that I cried a lot that week. I knew what was about to happen…

Since then I foresee in my dreams events related to the death of people I know and it has not been pleasant. But I don’t feel the same – I understand it’s the cycle of the universe – we are born, we die, we transform again…

In conclusion, I don’t know if there is a white light at the end of the tunnel when we die. I don’t know if there actually is a tunnel or if we need to travel to that special place when we end our journey on earth. But I do know that it ain’t scary or bad and it doesn’t hurt. In my mind it feels like home to me. 🙂

There is just something so much more after our physical death, beyond our understanding and comprehension. And for me, life continues, just not in the form we are used to right now.

Like my grandmother said to me once when I asked her where she is in one of my dreams: “I can’t describe it, ‘coz it’s a place you can never imagine”…And I felt happy for her 🙂


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