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The first thing buddhism teaches are the 4 noble truths:

  1. Life is full of suffering
  2. Suffering has a reason
  3. Suffering has an end (thank God for this one)
  4. There are ways to end the suffering and reach enlightment

The deeper meaning of these simple statements is that life is a cycle, a series of good and bad events, related to each other and constantly changing and evolving. The way for any person to achieve peace, inner happiness and full acceptance of the nature of things is to realize the infinite state of the mind and to let go of everything (attachments, feelings, emotions etc). It’s really simple actually: why be angry and suffer now, if it won’t matter in 5 minutes/hours/days?

The moment I read that I finaly got it: you are an earthly sucker, born to suffer all your life, for different reasons (some relevant, some not), and there is no way getting around it, UNLESS you stop, by some miracle, giving negative emotions power and decide to become enlightened ?! How am I supposed to do that?!

So thinking about it at first actually got me very angry, ‘coz you try to be this amazing human-being, full of awesome thoughts and positive vibes, spreading love all day long, or at least trying to, but one Monday morning (or should I say every Monday morning) you lose your shit and hell breaks lose and suddenly you become a complete freak again, screaming even at your coffee for no obvious reason…

So I decided to quit! No way am I suffering a lifetime and in no way am I reincarnating again to suffer a couple more times (that’s another topic I’ll cover soon, don’t worry).

How I accomplished that? I just analized all the things I do and think and I found the following solutions to letting go:

  • You are who you are, and you should accept that fact. Beautiful, fat, smart or a morron, like the way you have turned out and love yourself. You can’t be anybody else for the time being, right?

  • Stop taking people’s words and actions personally: whatever they say or do, it’s their internal world speaking, their ego, they suffer too and you can’t be held responsible for their words or actions.
  • Quit judging: whether someone is cool, dumb af or a total wacko, you shouldn’t really care. They have to live with themselves 24/7 and that must really suck, right? This is the moment when you can start feeling a lot of compassion for their sorry ass! 🙂
  • Be happy for other people, for their achievements and happiness. Don’t be envious, ‘coz we are all connected, we are one and it’s better to share happiness than sadness and frustration. Believe me – negative vibes spread faster 😉

  • It’s OK to be wrong, to make mistakes or not to know everything. “Nobody is perfect”, so just accept it. 🙂
  • Let go of the past, of the negative things, of everything that bothers you for a reason. Let bygones be bygones! It doesn’t matter anymore – you ain’t that person or in that situation, so why feel frustrated or embarassed?! Just let it go, it’s so simple!
  • Do good even if it’s undeserved and especially if it makes you feel better. You are doing it for yourself too, and maybe one day the person you helped will be grateful.

  • Enjoy the simple things in life: nature, music, friends, family. In this hectic world we live in technology is such a big part of our lives that we forgot how green the grass and blue the sky is. Just get out and breathe…Relax.

  • Meditate, and by that I mean just enjoy the silence of your mind. Some answers come to us when we are at peace, silent just listening to our heart beat. At first your mind won’t shut up, believe me, and all the stupid things you have in the to-do list will come up, but just try to focus on something. I often use tibetan or any kind of relaxing zen music I find in youtube.
  • If none of the above helps, repeat your daily motivational mantra: “I ain’t reincarnating to this shit again!” 🙂 That will do it!

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